Accounting and Financial Reporting Support

Partners in Business is a recognised expert in local government financial management.  We have a long history of supporting Councils, including designing and simplifying management reports appropriate to each Council’s operations.

We have been performing financial management accounting services for Councils for many years and have a reputation for doing good work.

Our services range from:

  • general accounting support
  • preparation of annual financial statements and liaison with external auditors
  • calculation of oncost, overhead and plant hire rates
  • annual budget preparation and budget amendments
  • long-term financial forecasting and completion of the QTC model
  • asset accounting and reviews of valuations
  • preparation of special reports
  • QRA funding acquittals
  • special purpose reviews (such as for new accounting systems, or business effectiveness)
  • development of financial policies and procedures
  • position descriptions for accounting roles
  • reviews of charts of accounts and job ledgers
  • grants acquittals
  • reconciliations of ledger accounts

Small Business Support


PIB’s bookkeeping services offer your business flexible, high quality and experienced support in managing your finances.  Our staff take all the hassle out of managing your finances meaning you can be guaranteed of a quality bookkeeping service without the concerns of recruiting staff, training, staff management issues or quality control.

All work is performed under quality control oversight by a CPA qualified accountant.  Our services include:

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable (invoicing, collections)
  • Payroll
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Inventory management
  • Management and financial reports
  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Tax information preparation
  • Finance and administration policy development
  • Reviewing chart-of-accounts structure
  • Provision of additional advice where appropriate
  • Financial projections
  • Cost and margin analysis
  • Grant applications
  • General administration


***  For a limited time only, new clients will receive a free two-hour consultation from a senior accountant valued at $319.

Internal Audit

Partners in Business provides internal audit services to a number of Councils throughout Queensland.  Our audits:

  • are cost effective
  • provide meaningful recommendations for Council to implement
  • are performed by highly qualified and experienced internal auditors
  • cover a wide-range of disciplines
  • assist staff in their risk control responsibilities and how to action those


Significant benefits to Councils:

  • Independent and objective examinations of systems and processes.
  • Opportunity to discuss with a practitioner who understands your operations, and legislative requirements.
  • Provides assurance for the CEO, Management Team, Councillors, and the public that Council is seeking to achieve optimal results from the resources employed.
  • Provides a proactive approach to identifying potential improvements as well as ensuring existing systems operate effectively.
  • Offers Council staff and management clear recommendations to improve business areas.
  • Regular, independent, monitoring of implementation of recommendations.
  • May reduce audit time and the resulting fee.

We hold membership of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Australia and CPA Australia.

Relief Staff – Finance, Admin, Accounting, or Management

Top staff with solid local government experience in:

  • Rates
  • Payroll
  • Debtors and Creditors
  • Asset Accounting
  • General Ledger Reconciliations and Bank Reconciliations
  • Job Costing and Project Management Accounting
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Annual Financial Statements and Annual Budgets

Whether it is due to maternity leave, sabbatical, reorganisation, or unexpected departure, PIB provides experienced and qualified relief staff suited to your Council.

  • Minimum ten years’ local government experience; familiar with most major finance systems in use.
  • Available for short or medium length contracts.
  • Terms can be hourly, daily, or weekly rates to suit.

Training and Mentoring

Partners in Business provides a wide range of training and support services for finance and management staff.  We offer onsite training for new staff and upgrading skills of existing staff.

Mentoring programs tailored specifically for your staff:

  • helps them develop the required skills they need to perform their role to maximum effect.
  • provides assurance to management that tasks are completed to the required standard.
  • Mentors provide regular phone and online support to the mentee, resolving finance and management queries, and furthering their professional development.
  • All mentors are highly experienced, and have performed the roles they mentor.

Hands-on, question-and-answer workshops on

  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Annual budgeting,
  • Asset management and asset accounting,
  • Financial management issues for Councillors and senior finance staff,
  • Introductory Accounting for Non-Accountants workshop.

Call us and we will arrange Skype sessions to deal with specific task training.

Management Services

PIB can assist your Council in a wide range of management support services. We provide:

  • Project Assessments and Reviews
  • Facilitation of Corporate and Operational Plans
  • Organisational Reviews
  • Community Engagement Services
  • Management and Governance Policy Development
  • Relief Corporate Services Management
  • Management and Councillor Training on Finance
  • Risk Management and Fraud Management


Subscription Support

There are often technical, or non-technical, finance questions that staff may have, or looking for someone to provide an analytical check on a report, or undertake a specialist task for them – but they’re not sure who to turn to.

Partners in Business solves this problem through our Subscription Support Service.

For a low annual price of $2200, you receive up to 20 hours of remote support from a highly qualified and experienced senior consultant with over ten years’ experience in local government, who can review work, provide telephone, Skype or online training, or complete important tasks you may not have had the time to do yourself, and be certain of receiving a quality outcome.

Free Downloads for PIB clients

Partners in Business maintains an extensive reference library of resources and training documents useful to helping your staff perform their roles.  These are updated regularly to ensure they reflect current practice.

If you would like to trial this system, on a completely obligation-free basis, please email

✔  Introduction to Oncosts and Plant Hire Rates

✔  Capital Funding Sources Explained

✔  Balancing Your Cash Flow Statement (Practical Plus Councils)

✔  Capital Asset Summary Report

For further information, please phone, SMS or email to

✔  End-of-Year Impairment Review Note

✔  Asset Valuations – Invitation to Offer (Land and Buildings)

✔  Understanding and Checking Monthly Finance Reports